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Kimmi Lovecok

Älä anna hänen suloisten kasvojen hämätä! Tämä villi blondi rakastaa seksiä! 3D-tekniikalla tehdyllä upealla, 160 cm pitkällä blondilla on muhkeat rinnat ja aitoakin aidommat nännit. Mehukas pimpero ja tiukka anus ovat kutsuvia ja kuumia. Ne ovat valmistettu aidosta ja oikeasta LoveClone-materiaalista joka lämpeää ihon lämpöiseksi nopeasti. Sileä ja joustava materiaali on kuin oikea iho. Syvälle pimperoon saat laitettua mukana tulevan kuulavibraattorin joka antaa sinulle unohtumattomat tärinät. Kimmi-nukella on vaaleat, pitkät hiukset ja ruskeat silmät. Kiihottavat huulet, sileä iho ja lakatut kynnet tekevät tästä naisesta vastustamattoman kauniin. Hän voi olla vain Sinun! Strategiset mitat: pituus 160 cm, rinnan ympärys 90 cm, vyötärön ympärys 60 cm, lantio 85 cm. Mukana nuken oma säilytyspussi ja pumppu.

Arvosteluja, kysymyksiä:

K: "Millaiset paristot tarvitaan?" - R.L, Helsinki
V: Vibrakuula toimii kolmella AA-sormiparistolla.

"Muutaman halpanuken jälkeen päätin satsata parempaan nukkeen. Kimmi osoittautui todella hyväksi, hinta/laatu-suhde todella kohdallaan." - Antti L, Turku

Lisätietoja englanniksi:
Using the latest 3-D Forming Technique, the Kimmi Lovecock Love Doll is the most life-like sex doll yet. This innocent looking, blonde haired beauty is a real raver and is sure to keep you more than satisfied. This sex doll’s features include a realistic face with flowing, blonde hair and eyelashes, movable arms, voluptuous breasts with firm nipples, soft, smooth vagina and anus made from Loveclone material. She also has a 3 speed control vibrating bullet, raunchy white finger nails and toenails, a portable carrying case and a convenient inflation pump. Her vital statistics are 86 cm hips, 61 cm waist and a 91 cm bust. She inflates to a height of 157 cm.
- Realistic Face with Blonde Hair and Eyelashes
- Movable arms to shift her into position
- Voluptuous breasts with firm nipples
- Soft, smooth vagina and anus made from Loveclone material
- Multi-speed control vibrating bullet. To enhance your excitment
- Portable carry case
- Convenient inflation pump

Using the latest 3-D forming technique, Kimmi Lovecok is the most lifelike love doll yet. With her fully-crafted face, voluptuous breasts and realistic Loveclone pussy and ass, this buxom blonde blow-up doll is sure to keep you more than satisfied. With beautiful detailing from her flowing blonde hair and fluttering realistic eyelashes to her carefully painted fingernails and toenails, you can't fault this 36-24-34 sex bomb. Made from seamed PVC with a rubber moulded head, feet and hands, the seams of her body are carefully located to ensure they don't interfere with your sexual pleasure. Her beautiful breasts are seam free and she even has a navel. Her realistic head means you can connect with Kimmi more so than with other inflatable sex dolls. Her beautiful face is well painted and very attractive, featuring individual eyelashes and deep brown eyes. Her face is framed by a full head of flowing blonde hair. Her hands and feet are detailed with white painted nails for added realism. Kimmi is fitted with pivoted arms that spin 360 degrees, enabling you to get her into positions the Kama Sutra would be proud of. Her curvaceous breasts have real-feel nipples for lifelike play. Whether you pinch, bite or lick, they feel just like the real thing. Big and bountiful, you'll love this busty blow-up doll's ample charms. Kimmi has built-in genitals made from Loveclone - an ultra-real feel material that makes her tight sex doll vagina and delicious ass feel even better than the real thing. Plunge into either with their separate canals to experience a malleable 5-inch depth that stretches around you with every thrust, massaging you with hundreds of intense nodules. Prepare for better-than-sex sensations, you'll be ready to blow in seconds once you insert the three-speed vibrating bullet into its special pocket between Kimmi's ass and pussy, making both quiver with three speeds of knee-bending vibrations. The bullet vibrator requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included. She comes complete with portable carry bag to keep her in pristine condition, a sample of renew talc to keep her pussy and ass perfect, a puncture repair kit and a convenient foot pump. Kimmi is an excellent choice for those wanting an ultra realistic sex doll experience without shelling out for a Japanese silicone sex doll. Her realistic proportions and real-feel holes are sensual and oh-so satisfying.

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Kimmi Lovecok
 Kimmi Lovecok

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